Each year, produce like corn and soybeans are grown on millions of acres of Iowa farmland. While the bulk of the farming is conducted by men, roughly half of the state’s farmland is owned, or co-owned, by women. Mark Bittman recently spoke with farm owner Jean Eells about the role women are playing in sustainable agriculture as part of our “Future of Food” series with Pulitzer Center support. Read the Full Transcript Hari Sreenviasan: If there’s one thing most Americans know about Iowa, it’s that it’s farm country. Less well known is that roughly half of Iowa farmland is owned or co-owned by women. Special Correspondent Mark Bittman sat down with farm-owner and educator Jean Eells to learn more about the growing role women are playing in Iowa’s agriculture now – and in its future.This report is part of our “Future of Food” series, supported by the Pulitzer Center. Jean Eells: So I grew up on a small farm in Iowa. I ended up being appointed to the state Soil Conservation Committee and heard a presentation that really blew me away. I learned that women own or co-own half the land in Iowa. And yet I didn’t see them […]


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