Travel Signs to different places Many of us are in love with travelling. We are constantly planning our next holiday. Or I would rather say, we are planning our lives around our next holiday. Not just the intrepid travellers, many people travel frequently for business and other purposes. I love travelling myself. But here is what shocked me. “Going from one place to another leaves an impact on the environment”. In this article, I wanted to talk about what is the impact of travelling on the environment and what are the best eco-friendly travel tips in 2020. A study conducted by the University of Sydney found that global tourism accounts for 8% of carbon emissions, with the US on the topmost polluter followed by China, India, and Germany. One can argue that the best way to save the environment is not to travel at all and stay at home! But we know that it is not going to happen. The human instinct to explore more, and jobs that require a lot of travelling are not just going to disappear. I believe we can continue to travel yet cause no harm to the environment. So let’s discuss … What are […]


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