Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)Jane Goodall will be turning 86 this year, but she shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, there’s a renewed sense of urgency to her activism. Her days are packed with meetings with world leaders, visiting conservation projects, supporting her Roots & Shoots movement and sharing her message with anyone who will listen. She recently sat down with CNN’s Becky Anderson in Dubai where she was giving a keynote speech at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Here’s their conversation: Becky Anderson: You travel an astonishing 300 days a year. You’re here in Dubai on what is a global tour. What is your message? Jane Goodall: We’re going through very dark times: socially, politically and especially environmentally. And lots of people are kind of losing hope, because you get this message, think globally, act locally. But if you think globally, you get really depressed. So, the message is about acting locally. And the main message is that each one of us makes some impact on the planet every single day. British primatologist Jane Goodall during a 2007 visit to Costa Rica. Goodall is best known for her studies on chimpanzees, but in recent years […]


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