The snakes normally stay hidden amongst aquatic vegetation, but this guy came out for a slither. FWC/Jonathan Mays A super snazzy rainbow snake is a rare sight in Florida. So rare, in fact, that one hasn’t been spotted in Marion County since 1969. That is, until now. An elusive rainbow was recently photographed in the Ocala National Forest, according to the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, where the species has been hiding from human eyes for 50 years. Tracey Cauthen was hiking in the forest when she stumbled upon what looked like a 1.2-meter-long (4-foot) slithering rainbow. The snake, a member of the species Farancia erytrogramma , is particularly tricky to spot as it has a highly aquatic lifestyle, spending most of its time hidden amongst aquatic vegetation. It’s believed that this particular snake had emerged and embarked on a journey as the nearby Rodman Reservoir had recently been drained. “The Florida Museum of Natural History confirms this is the first record of this species in Marion County since 1969!” the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute wrote on Facebook . “[They are] seldom seen, even by herpetologists, due to their cryptic habits. Burrowing near creeks, lakes, marshes, and […]


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