© Bristol Airport Bristol’s airport expansion gets cancelled in a shocking act of doing something meaningful to go carbon neutral. The local North Somerset Council in the UK has just rejected the expansion of Bristol Airport on environmental grounds. According to Bristol Live, local Councillor Steve Hogg explained (my emphasis), We must weigh the benefits – which flow towards the airport, its shareholders, pension funds and those seeking a cheap holiday in the Med – against the unbearable burdens that will fall on the local community and the environment.” North Somerset Council joined many other authorities in declaring a climate emergency last year. Challenging the officers’ suggestion local authorities have little control over emissions linked to aviation, Cllr Hogg said: "We have direct control over the future emissions – we do that by turning down this application." Cllr John Ley-Morgan seconded the proposal, saying: “ How can we achieve our ambition for carbon neutrality by 2030 if we approve this decision?” Words: …I will lead Toronto in declaring a climate emergency… Deeds: Impede rational transit build-out for political gain. Slow play bike network expansion. SPEND AN EXTRA BILLION DOLLARS TO REBUILD AN ELEVATED WATERFRONT EXPRESSWAY. https://t.co/mpvpObT7LK — Gil Meslin […]


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