Just when we thought that we had hit rock bottom and there is hardly any opportunity to revive the mistakes that humans have already committed towards nature, a ray of hope appeared promising better and cleaner days. According to reports, there is a massive patch of plastic debris of plastic wastes that rest on the bed of the Pacific Ocean, somewhere around the Northeast of Hawaii; and it was mainly the ocean currents that encouraged this massacre to pile upon one another. Even though it is commonly referred to as “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” sometimes it is also known by the name of “The North Pacific Gyre.” If the claims are to be believed, this is one of the largest ecosystems that ever dwelled on the face of the earth with its realms stretching up to millions of kilometers. To give you a clearer idea of magnanimity, the size of the Great Garbage Patch can be equated with that of Queensland, Australia. In the present times, one of the most significant issues that have been continuously raising alarms is plastic pollution in oceans. As the children of the earth, it is our responsibility to rid of all the […]


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