CC BY 2.0 kids in Copenhagen cargo bike/ Lloyd Alter Forget drones and flying cars; this is the future of deliveries, whether goods or kids. A hundred years ago, cargo bikes were the standard vehicle for many trades and deliveries. We have even shown a cargo bike cat litter exchange service , a business idea that might work well today. According to the World Bank, they are having a renaissance and gaining "recognition as a cleaner, safer, and more efficient mode of urban freight delivery and passenger transport. As a human-powered and fuel-free vehicle, this form of active transport could bring even more benefits to our cities than other disruptive technologies." Okay, folks. Let’s see some pictures of people moving goods by bike. — Bicycle Lobby (@BicycleLobby) February 21, 2020 Coincidentally, while I was researching this post, The twitter account of the All-Powerful Bicycle Lobby invited readers to submit photos of people moving goods by bike; some are electric; it seems that they are already taking over. Weekly groceries for a family of 4. — John Lloyd (@boyonabike62) February 22, 2020 Give them a little boost from an electric motor Like John Lloyd’s here and the better […]


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