BP, Chevron and Karoon Gas have all withdrawn from the Bight but Santos, Murphy Oil and Bight Petroleum still have plans to drill there.

Planned oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight will not go ahead after company Equinor decided to end the $200 million project. Norwegian energy company Equinor is pulling out of planned oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight after sustained pressure from environmental activists. On Tuesday, Equinor released a short statement saying the decision came after a “holistic review of its exploration portfolio”. Equinor’s country manager for Australia Jone Stangeland said the project’s potential “is not commercially competitive”. “We will engage with the federal and state authorities regarding our decision to discontinue the exploration program,” Mr Stangeland said. He said the company “hold[s] an exploration permit offshore Western Australia and will maintain other ongoing interests and activities in Australia”. Resources Minister Keith Pitt expressed disappointment at the decision. “I know many will find Equinor’s decision not to proceed with this oil exploration project in the Great Australian Bight extremely disappointing, and it is particularly hard for South Australia,” Mr Pitt said. Hooley dooley this is wonderful. Reminders: •The Bight is home to more unique species than the Great Barrier Reef •Oil spills from drilling could have reached from WA to NSW •Equinor has a deplorable safety record — Greenpeace […]


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