IMAGE Dizon Farms It’s not #fakenews that the world uses too much plastic, that it eventually ends up in the ocean, causing harm to the sea creatures living in it. Sometimes, it’s just left to really slowly disintegrate on land-approximately more than 450 years before plastic starts to decompose. One of the major contributors to plastic production are supermarkets and the usage of plastic. Luckily for us, after news about Vietnam and Thailand’s use of sustainable packaging for food packaging went viral , a few of our local farms and supermarkets are following suit. Dizon Farms is one of the local farms which supplies fresh fruits and vegetables in supermarkets nationwide. Just last week, they slowly switched their usual plastic packaging with banana leaves at select supermarkets such as Robinsons Supermarket . They bundled the likes of lettuce, cucumbers, and ampalaya in a banana leaf, while they placed the smaller produce, like bell peppers and tomatoes, in a bouquet-like packaging made of banana leaves. Photo by Svea Villanueva-Reyes Sili is commonly used for Bicolano dishes. Have you tried sigarillas? Photo by Svea Villanueva-Reyes Another local supermarket taking a similar step to a more sustainable packaging is LCC (Liberty Commercial […]


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