But that hasn’t always been the case.

When Lucid announced the Air in 2017 with a price tag of $60,000, it also boasted about plans for a factory in Arizona.

But those plans were shelved when it couldn’t secure enough funding.

That changed in late 2018 when Lucid secured over $1 billion from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. That investment was completed in April 2019.

“It’s important that we quickly build a factory and get it running for lower volume production starting in late 2020, so the smaller Phase 1 footprint gets us there,” a Lucid spokesperson told me.

“Following that, factory construction will ramp up as we require higher volumes of vehicles to reflect higher volume sales (Phase 2 and beyond),” the spokesperson added.

Volume production of the Air is expected in early 2021.

“We are targeting a production run in the low five figures in 2021,” the spokesperson said.

Lucid is building 80 beta prototypes at its Silicon Valley headquarters, which will be used for testing and validation “for key vehicle dynamics,” as well as crash testing to confirm simulations, the company said last month.


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