The city of Portland (OREGON) is changing the game of generating electricity with its newest environmental-friendly revolutionary water pipes! In order to come up with a clean and renewable source of energy, the city of Portland partnered with Lucid Energy. Together, they teamed up to deliver clean electricity drawn from the water which is already flowing under the city streets! To deliver this promising electricity generator, the city of Portland has replaced a part of its existing water supply network with a patented Lucid Energy pipes. This pipes contain 4 pieces of 42-inches turbines and are an integral part in making the magic happen. As water flows through the pipes, the turbines spin and produce power which is attached to generators, which, then, supply energy to the city’s electrical grid. According to Lucid Energy’s Frequently Asked Question page, their partnership with Portland is the first project in the history of America to secure a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement for a clean and renewable energy from in-pipe hydro-power in a municipal water pipeline. A brief promotional video released by Lucid Energy explains how it works and how it is a cut above the rest of renewable energies. “Different than traditional […]


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