At this point in the electric vehicle startup world, it feels a little bit like the buildup to some sort of pay-per-view wrestling cage match free-for-all extravaganza. There are some obvious frontrunners, but nobody really knows for sure how it’s going to shake out or who will survive—which hasn’t stopped umpteen fighters from throwing their hats into the ring. Nikola, the other EV brand named after the Serbian-American inventor, is definitely one of the stranger contenders. Its main focus has been electric and hydrogen-fueled semitrucks , but while we weren’t looking the company has been announcing electric off-road side-by-sides and … a personal watercraft ? And now it’s working on a civilian pickup, the Badger. It’s an electric vehicle with a twist: Nikola says that the Badger will be both a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle and a battery-electric vehicle. A FCEV/BEV hybrid, if you will. According to the manufacturer, the Nikola Badger will be both battery- and hydrogen fuel-cell-powered. Aside from the lack of hydrogen fueling infrastructure (a challenge Nikola hopes to overcome by installing a network of H2 stations , much like Tesla did with its Superchargers), there’s a certain logic to this approach: Fuel cells produce electricity […]


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