There is a new catalyst in town, and it does a great job at transforming one of the worse greenhouse gases, CO2, into useful products, reports SINC . The impressive catalyst has been produced by a team of researchers from Canada and the U.S. Water electrolyzer “The technology of water electrolyzers is well known: they transform water and electricity into hydrogen and oxygen, but in our case, we add CO 2 to the cocktail and, instead of producing hydrogen, we can generate various hydrocarbons, such as ethylene, which is the most widely used organic compound worldwide,” researcher F . Pelayo García de Arquer, of the University of Toronto (Canada), told SINC . “Thus, we can obtain raw materials for the manufacture of products such as construction materials, textiles, paints, electronic device components, diapers… or even spirits.” The innovation builds on past research to produce a catalyst that can transform plenty of CO2 as opposed to past configurations, which only allowed for a bit of the gas to be transformed. Limited no more "About two years ago, CO 2 electrolysis systems were limited to electrical outputs or currents of tens of milliamps per square centimeter, meaning that only a few […]


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