A former coal industry head wants Australia to ditch the energy source, saying the country has had too much of a good thing. Ian Dunlop, former chair of the Australian Coal Association, says the time has come for change. "The fact is coal has been historically very important to this country, delivered a large part of the wealth we now enjoy," Mr Dunlop told reporters ahead of the National Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne. "There comes a point where you can have too much of a good thing. ‘We have to change’ "We can’t keep using coal any longer and have a sustainable, liveable climate, so we have to change." Australian and international experts are nutting out the road map for making the transition on a local, national and global stage at the two-day conference which begins on Friday. For Australia, that means moving away from the "bugbear" of coal. "We can’t just keep saying because we’ve had coal ever since World War Two, or longer, that’s the way the world intended," Mr Dunlop said. Call for bipartisan action Midnight Oil frontman and former politician Peter Garrett says the time has come for bipartisan action in Canberra. "Australia is […]


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