Getty Images Teen activist Greta Thunberg poses for a picture after an interview ahead of the Global Climate Strike march in New York last year. Evidence of the increasing effects of climate change is building, as are the investing opportunities and changes in consumer habits linked to environmental concerns and resource use. Here are select reports about the companies responding to customer demands and climate risk, the ESG investors and their profit-minded advisers, as well as the policy-makers, enterprising individuals and scientists preparing for tomorrow. Greta gets a doc . BBC Studios will produce a documentary series about the “international crusade” of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. The series will include a look at the “journey into adulthood” for the high-profile school-skipper who has sailed the world and talked openly about her autism, the studio confirmed in a Monday release . Thunberg has a growing following and books major events, including addressing the financial heavyweights at Davos. Such promotion brings out a fair share of detractors, including U.S. President Donald Trump , who has urged “anger management” for the teen, suggesting she should “chill.” Legendary English documentarian and naturalist David Attenborough has met with the young activist via Skype […]


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