A collared panther known as FP 110 and her kitten. Here’s proof that human intervention can make the difference for imperiled species: In 1995, only about 30 Florida panthers existed on Earth. After a concerted effort to bolster the breeding population, an estimated 120 to 230 cats roam South Florida today. This population is vulnerable, and that’s why we are continuing to fight in the courts for Florida panthers. Earthjustice has filed a federal lawsuit to target the big cats’ leading cause of death – getting hit by vehicles. An endangered Florida panther dies about every two weeks trying to cross roadways in search of mates, food, and new territory. Already in 2020, five panthers have been killed by vehicles. Earthjustice is representing Sierra Club and the Environmental Confederation of Southwest Florida in the lawsuit against the Florida Department of Transportation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We are challenging two concerning road projects in southwest Florida – an 18-mile road widening on State Road 29 in Collier and Hendry Counties and a 3.2-mile road widening on State Road 82 in Collier and Lee Counties. This area is the Florida panthers’ last […]


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