It’s hard to recycle pens. Here’s what to keep in mind. At work, I go through a lot of disposable pens from companies like Bic and Paper Mate. Can these be recycled? How much waste do they produce? Is there a case to make for bringing back the fountain pen as an alternative? What exactly does an ecofriendly pen look like? —Jonathan in Oakland, California Bic sells an average of 57 pens per second. It’s hard to recycle pens because they’re too small for machines to sort and they’re made of hard-to-separate materials. You can pay Terracycle to downcycle pens, pencils, and markers (and almost anything) into things like benches. It’d be greener if they would recycle pens into pens. I scoured the internet for a week for better solutions and called pen and ink creators. The Greenest Pen award (drumroll please) goes to Bonnie’s Bits and Things . She collects bamboo (a weed) from people who don’t want them. She teaches kids to dip 100-percent bamboo pens in soy sauce because it doesn’t stain. The greenest My Boss Might Let Me Use This Ink award goes to The Constant Forager who uses walnuts she forages, lists all ingredients […]


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