Recent legislation requires new buildings to be more bird-friendly Life in New York can be harsh, and not just for the city’s human residents. The avian population has it tough too. As many as 230,000 birds die every year after crashing into the city’s ubiquitous buildings. That’s why bird conservation advocates are celebrating a recent bill aiming to tackle this problem. Passed in December by the New York City Council, the legislation requires that all new buildings be installed with bird-friendly glass below 75 feet. The mandate, which does not apply to existing buildings but does include retrofits, will go into effect at the end of this year. New York is not the first city to pass this kind of legislation, but it is the largest. San Francisco passed a similar bill in 2011, followed shortly by its neighbor Oakland . A coalition of advocates in Maryland is working on state-wide recommendations that could be considered in the state legislature later this year. NYC Audubon, the American Bird Conservancy, and the New York division of the American Institute of Architects collaborated for months on the details of the proposal, which was introduced in March by city councilmember Rafael L. […]


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