As electric cars grow in popularity and visibility, experts say a revolution is coming in a place most people overlook: corporate and municipal fleets. The scooter company Lime is the latest firm to announce that it plans to completely remove gas- and diesel-powered vehicles from its fleet and power its new electric work vehicles with renewable energy. Lime is famous, of course, for electric vehicles — the small battery-powered scooters that have popped up on sidewalks across the United States. And as the world’s largest scooter company, it promotes itself as an eco-friendly alternative to driving. But so far, some gas-guzzling is still involved behind the scenes. "All of our scooters and e-bikes are already electric, already powered by renewables," says Andrew Savage, the head of sustainability at Lime. "We’re going to take the vans and the vehicles used to manage those programs and transition those to zero emissions as well." Lime’s fleet isn’t large — a few hundred vehicles for now. But the company is not alone in plotting the switch. Lime, along with companies like Ikea and Unilever, is joining the EV100 initiative to commit to an all-electric fleet. Other large companies, such as DHL, Amazon and […]


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