SIERRA’s take on the Academy Award 2019 nominations In 2019, when “climate emergency” became Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year, millions of people took to the streets for global climate strikes, and a 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl was chosen as Time ’s person of the year for her dogged climate activism, Hollywood did not lean in. In fact, you could say the moviemakers honored by the Academy leaned way back , celebrating a retrograde era marked by white men free to be as unhinged and destructive as they please. Suffice it to say, environmental themes in this year’s Oscar picks weren’t exactly leaping out at us. Luckily, a movie-viewing experience is truly a modern Rorschach test. Here are Sierra ’s enviro takes on seven nominated films, selected from a range of categories: Parasite (Nominated for Best Picture, Director, Foreign Language Film, Original Screenplay, Production Design, and Film Editing) Much like it is in the actual world, in Parasite true wealth and security means looking through a plate glass window at rigorously managed nature, where no blade of grass gets to rise a micron above the others, and poverty means living in a neighborhood that gets flooded with sewer water. In […]


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