Impact investing, sometimes called sustainable investing, SRI, or green investment, is a growing field, yet one without clear parameters. In this article I will cover some of the things to look for if you’re interested in starting with impact investing, and discuss some apps you can utilize as you begin your impact investing journey. Disclaimer: I’m a new investor, and neither my team nor I can offer professional financial advice. You need to do your own research and evaluate any investments before throwing your money at them, etc., etc. The Growth of the Impact Investment Market Impact investing is a rapidly growing share of the investment market. How much is it growing? Figures vary, but nearly everyone agrees – it’s big and only getting bigger. Morningstar , citing data from a 2019 US-focused Morgan Stanley survey , showed that 85% of investors are interested in sustainable investing, up from 71% in 2015. More telling, I think, is that those ‘very interested’ in sustainable investing jumped from 19% in 2015 to a whopping 49% in 2019. What is the Definition of Impact Investing? Impact investing, broadly defined, is investing in a way to creates positive impact in the world. Impact […]


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