A huge project potentially comprising solar, wind, pumped hydro and a hydrogen electrolyser in north Queensland has been touted as a potential “battery of the north” and a cheaper and cleaner alternative to the coal fired generators being pushed by many in the Coalition. Renewable Energy Partners has been given $2 million in funds from the Coalition government to advance a feasibility study into a project that would combine 1.5GW of pumped hydro, with seven hours storage, along with up to 1.3GW of solar PV, 800MW of wind energy and a 200MW hydrogen electrolyser, fuelled by the green energy sources. The Urannah Renewable Energy Hub would be combined with the Urannah Water Scheme, a proposed 1,500GL dam and water distribution network that has been “on the cards” for several decades, and would be located between Collinsville, Mackay and Proserpine. REP, which says it is working on the project with the Urannah Water Scheme proponents, along with advisors GHD, EY and Ashurst, says the project could provide “firm” renewable generation, reduce marginal losses by providing a local load (pumping), and provide a reliable and dispatchable supply. It could begin to deliver electricity into the grid by around 2027. It also […]


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