More than 80 Olive Ridley baby turtles have been spotted waddling across the sand of Versova Beach in Mumbai to get to the Arabian Sea over the past week, the Guardian reports . It had been decades since the turtles were last seen on the beach. Their return continues a migratory journey that has been going on for centuries. Take Action: Protect Our Oceans! Prevent Ocean Plastic Pollution “I had tears in my eyes when I saw them walking towards the ocean,” Afroz Shah, a lawyer and local community activist, told the Guardian. Week 127 . Fantastic news for Mumbai . We got back Olive Ridley Sea Turtle after 20 years. Historic moment Nested and Hatched at our beach. We facilitate their journey to ocean. Constant cleaning helps marine species. Marine conservation centre needed at @versovabeach — Afroz Shah (@AfrozShah1) March 22, 2018 The migration is a sign that thousands of hours of hard work has paid off. Two years ago, Versova Beach was essentially a landfill — pictures show legs sinking knee-deep into garbage. "[The waste] was 5.5 feet high,” Shah told CNN at the time. “A man could drown in the plastic.” Today, you can sunbathe […]


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