About three out of four Polish consumers see environmentally-unfriendly behavior of sellers when they are shopping online. Among this behavior is the use of film for packing shipments, packing food products in plastic bags and packing small products in too large packages with fillers. The Chamber of Digital Economy (Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej) surveyed 2,046 Internet users in Poland to ask them some questions about green ecommerce. The results shows that 76 percent observed environmentally-unfriendly behavior of brands, shops, manufacturers and suppliers in Poland. 76 percent of Polish internet users observed environmentally-unfriendly behavior of online shops. 44% of online shoppers are willing to wait for delivery The report [ pdf ] also makes clear that 31 percent of online shoppers are willing to pay more for ecommerce companies packing products without foil or plastic bags. Over four in ten online shoppers (44 percent) are also willing to wait longer for their goods to be shipped if that means an online retailer can send all their products in one delivery. About 32 percent are not open to this measurement. Among those who are willing to wait, most of them would wait 3 to 5 days for a parcel, but about a […]


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