Europe generates all kinds of records, for the month, year, market share and for a single model.

Europe is experiencing an unprecedented takeoff of plug-in electric car market (especially all-electric cars), which not only has reached new records in 2019, but is poised to accelerate in 2020 and beyond.

In December, sales amounted to about 77,248 according to the EV Sales Blog, which is a new all-time record. The growth rate of 88% is outstanding as well.

Also, the average market share for the month at 6.1% (4.1% for BEVs) is a superb new record (probably three times above the U.S.).

Most of the sales are all-electric cars:

  • BEV sales increased by 91% year-over-year (68% of all plug-ins)
  • PHEVs sales increased by 81% year-over-year (32% of all plug-ins)


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