If you can walk or bike to work in 15 minutes—and can make it to a grocery store, a park, cafés, your kids’ school, or anywhere else you might want to go on a typical day in the same amount of time—you’re living in what’s called a “15-minute neighborhood.” They’re very hard to find now, even in dense cities (the average New Yorker now spends around 43 minutes getting to work, and that’s not on foot). But it’s a vision that Anne Hildalgo, the mayor of Paris, now wants to adopt city-wide. Hidalgo, who is currently running for reelection, has embraced the idea of “ la ville du quart d’heure, ” or the 15-minute city, an extension of her work to create a post-car city . “It’s a city of neighborhoods where you can find everything you need within 15 minutes from home,” she tweeted in French last week. “This is the condition for the ecological transformation of the city, while improving the daily life of Parisians.” [Image: courtesy Paris en Commun] “This is a road map, an ambition, a new vision for cities,” says Carlos Moreno, a “smart city” professor at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne who […]



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