The Hummer brand hasn’t been around for over a decade. GM’s bankruptcy in the late 2000s and rising fuel prices meant the brand was no longer sustainable, so it was discontinued. Now, it’s coming back, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal . Citing unnamed sources "familiar with the matter," The Wall Street Journal reports General Motors is finally resurrecting the Hummer name—but not in the way you’re familiar with. According to the report, Hummer will be the name used for GM’s new all-electric pickup truck, to be sold under the GMC brand, rather than become a new standalone make. The Wall Street Journal says General Motors has hired three-time NBA champion LeBron James to promote the new Hummer-branded pickup, with plans to air a commercial during the Super Bowl in February. They suspect the truck, which is estimated to hit showrooms in early 2022, will be built in small numbers, and aimed at off-road enthusiasts. As a part of General Motors’ bankruptcy announcement in 2009, the company revealed it was going to discontinue the Hummer brand. Since a failed attempt at selling the nameplate to a Chinese company in 2010 , the Hummer name has sat […]


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