The economics, politics and science of climate change are converging and catapulting this problem from a joke among critics to a prominent concern. Driving the news: Shifts across Washington, D.C., among corporate leaders and within financial institutions are creating a foundation that could produce big movement on this problem for the first time since, well, forever. Why it matters: If the world’s political and business leaders are going to seriously move to cut heat-trapping emissions, they first need to pay attention to the problem. They are starting to now, fueled by unrest from the world’s youth , cheaper renewable energy, more bouts of extreme weather and other evidence of global warming itself. The big picture: We’ve written about these shifts individually here and here and here over the past year or more. It’s worth examining them together as a whole because the amount of new attention on climate that’s occurred in a matter of weeks is staggering. Big caveats exist and the prospect of substantive action on the problem remains deeply uncertain, but the arc of change is forming. In Washington, congressional Republicans and even President Trump are scrambling to acknowledge the problem after years of denying it — […]


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