An average of 100,000 tourists visit Tortuguero’s famous canals every year, according the National Tourism Chamber. Faced with the tons of disposable plastic used by hotels every year, the CO2 emitted by airplanes or the overcrowding in Barcelona, ​​Everest and Machu Picchu, the tourism industry promised this week at the Davos forum to be more “sustainable,” although it warned that someone will have to pay the cost. “If we want to have a more sustainable industry, as everyone seems to want here in Davos, how can we do it without limiting our growth? We can’t have both at the same time,” said Carsten Spohr, the president of Lufthansa, in one of the sessions of the World Economic Forum (WEF), where this year the climate issue has been the protagonist. Aviation is in the spotlight of the fight against climate change for its CO2 emissions (about 2.8% of the world total), as evidenced by the highly symbolic decision of Swedish activist Greta Thunberg to never travel in plane, even when crossing the ocean. However, Spohr said that “he does not want to be the bad boy of globalization” and recalled that other industries, such as “streaming,” assume a level of […]


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