The City of Los Angeles has installed EV charging stations directly attached to more than 130 streetlight poles . Hundreds more are planned. The streamlined solution to electric-car charging has been deployed in major European cities but not so much yet in America. But it makes total sense for a city like LA that has a large population of EV drivers, many who don’t have the ability to charge at home. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Green New Deal aims to have at least 100,000 new electric vehicles in the city by 2025. However, about two-thirds of Los Angeles households are renters, according to . “When the city decided that one of their priorities was to encourage the purchase of EV vehicles, it seemed prudent that it would be best to attach EV charging stations to our light poles,” said Norma Isahakian, director of the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting. She explained that a slim charger mounted to a light pole “eliminates another piece of equipment to be constructed into the sidewalk and utilize our circuitry.” The city’s conversion of street lights to energy-efficient LEDs made the EV solution possible. The fee for charging is typically $1 to $2 […]


    • Agreed. I have a level 2 charger I installed at my home but I rarely try to charge anywhere else – it is often too inconvenient to find a charger that is either available or not broken. In my opinion, 226,300 chargers would not be enough to meet demand – imagine how amazing that would be. If only the electrical utility companies would understand that they not only have a huge source of recurring revenue just waiting, but they can bill the public to install the hardware!


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