OTTAWA — A new climate change think tank funded by the federal government says Canadians should expect to face the harsh realities of a changing climate even under the most aggressive global efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The $20-million Canadian Institute for Climate Choices officially launches Tuesday with an inaugural report warning Canada will not be able to avoid the global economic shifts that adapting to climate change will bring. It also says change is coming whether the world shifts quickly to low and zero-emitting energy sources, or continues as it is and then also has to face the social, economic and environmental disruptions that ensue. “I think there is no question that the game is changing,” said CEO Kathy Bardswick. “The realities of Canada’s position in the world, and how we’re going to ensure our prosperity going forward, is changing. How we provide value as a country is changing.” The institute will be at arm’s length from the government but fulfils a 2018 federal budget commitment to hire outside experts to assess the government’s climate policies and provide advice on new options. The institute has mainly a virtual existence, with staff and experts spread across the country […]


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