Daniel Spils — "High class trash, or Litterbucks," as the photographer humorously called it They do this every few years. Will this one be any more successful? Starbucks is in the news with its new sustainability commitment. CEO Kevin Johnson writes: Today, I’m excited to be able to share with you our commitment to pursue a bold, multi-decade aspiration to become resource positive and give more than we take from the planet. This is an aspiration that we take on, recognizing it will come with challenges and will require transformational change. Like most things that are worthwhile, this will not be easy. It will require all of us to play a role, and so we invite you to join us. This sounds promising! Transformational Change! Johnson then lists "five environmental strategies that will begin to move us toward a resource-positive future:" 1. We will expand plant-based options, migrating toward a more environmentally friendly menu. This is from the company that invented the Frappuccino, now noting that dairy products are their biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions. They taught us to buy a giant cup of frothy milk and cream instead of a cup of coffee. Will Starbucks now take […]


  1. love your website – I’m about to link it to my clients database so hopefully that generates some traffic to you!!

    one possible suggestion to add, perhaps have a tab on what we can all collectively do as individuals to help the environment

    keep up the great work!

    • That is a very good idea and I will definitely consider it. I also appreciate any (ethical) action that helps increase the number of people that i can help with this project.
      Thank you!


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