From the past few years, numbers of scientists and researchers are working hard to find potential alternatives to the harmful plastics. The original idea is to save environmental health while protecting the well-being of individuals as well. A group of young Peruvians recently launched a project called “Bio Plant.” This project is to help reduce the plastic crises polluting landfills and bodies of water. The Peruvian Group, as they are referred too, have created biodegradable plates made up of banana leaves. It is a positive step in the direction of reducing the environmental pollution. These recently developed biodegradable plates can be used as a healthy replacement to the traditional plastic plates; it can further help to reduce the level of plastic waste in the oceans and landfills. Biodegradable plates made from banana leaves. These organic plates are capable of naturally decomposing within 60 days. Conversely, the plastic containers and the traditional dishes that are designed using polystyrene material take more than 500 years to decompose; hence, they cause potential harm to the wildlife and the marine life in the oceans. The project leader, Josue Soto, in a recent interview, said that they are working continuously on this project. They […]


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