A Canadian company in west Texas, near what is considered the most productive oilfields of the continent, is building a new and exciting plant. The main objective of the plant is to suck out those extra tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air, which is one of the ruling components catalyzing air pollution. If things go according to the outlined plans, Carbon Engineering’s solitary plant will stand tall as a revolutionary strategy to combat climate change. In a recent interview, CEO Steve Oldham stated that “We’re pulling the CO2 back down” and we cannot hold our excitement to witness how things eventually turn out to be. Considering the ever-surging levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, educated humans from all around the world in labs and boardrooms are always outlining schemes that would reduce CO2 emissions to restore the vitality of the planet. However, the good news is, a generous amount of carbon dioxide has already been removed from the air, and this provides the common human with a ray of hope for better days. A paper published in the scientific journal “Nature Climate Change” stated that for climate change to remain static at 2 degrees Celsius, about 120-160 […]


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