There have been reports that a pack of gray wolves ( Canis lupus ) have been sighted in Moffat County, Colorado—but conservationists warn that without proper protections, the animals could be in danger. Colorado Parks and Wildlife released a statement on Thursday, saying there is now strong evidence to suggest "a pack of gray wolves may now be residing in Colorado." According to JT Romatzke, CPW’s Northwest Regional Manager, "The sighting marks the first time in recent history CPW has received a report of multiple wolves traveling together." There is currently an ongoing investigation by CPW to confirm the presence of the wolves. "As wolves move into the state on their own, we will work with our federal partners to manage the species," said Romatzke. The news follows an eyewitness account of "six large canids" in the northwest corner of Colorado in October 2019, and remains of a "thoroughly scavenged" elk carcass discovered close to Irish Canyon near the state’s border with Wyoming and Utah last week. CPW-associated wildlife managers say tracks near the carcass are consistent with imprints made by wolves, while the state of the elk is consistent with marks of wolf predation. The reports are yet […]


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