Enough is enough is enough. If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of hearing about Facebook’s mistreatment of your data and our democracy, and you don’t want to use the social network’s services anymore. But that’s harder said than done. Ditching Facebook doesn’t just mean cutting that site and its myriad services, including Messenger, Groups, Events, and Marketplace, out of your life. It also means finding alternatives to Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as preventing Facebook from following you everywhere around the web through its omnipresent network of “like” buttons and logins that track you as you surf.

But after a decade of social media dominating the way that many of us spend time online, 2020 is the perfect time for rethinking your relationship with the big kahuna. As other writers at Fast Company have suggested, it’s not always practical to ditch Facebook completely. Instead, you can be more thoughtful about the way you use it and lock down your privacy settings. However, if you’re looking to cut down your dependence on the company’s tentacle-like reach, here are 22 alternatives that can help.


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