Owl appears to “adopt” duckling after it hatches in her nest A Florida screech owl was in for a surprise when one of her hatchlings looked nothing like her, but she didn’t hold it against him. Unlike the Ugly Duckling fairy tale, the mother owl appeared to care for the baby duck as her own. The had been incubating her eggs in a nest box in the backyard of a nature photographer for about a month. One morning, photographer Laurie Wolf noticed the figure of a little bird sitting next to the owl and ran outside excitedly to photograph it. But when she got a closer look she realized it was a duck! “The two of them were just sitting there side by side,” Wolf told National Geographic . “It’s not believable. It’s not believable to me to this day.” Afraid the owl, a bird of prey, would eat the little wood duck, Wolf and her husband attempted to capture him to take him to a wildlife sanctuary. But the duckling jumped from the nest box and “made a beeline for the pond” and they never saw him again. Director of Bird Studies Canada Christian Artuso told National Geographic […]


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