Canadian cannabis company Hempearth Group is getting high with hemp. The company has put into motion the plans to build the world’s first plane made from and powered by hemp. The plane has even been designed to run on HEMPEARTH Hemp Jet A Bio Fuel. The wings, seats, plane walls and pillows are all set to be manufactured from hemp. The world’s first hemp plane will be able to fly four passengers by a single pilot. The plane will have a 36 ft wingspan. Manufacturing with hemp is a versatile plant that provides an environmentally friendly way to produce many of the products we use every day. A Plane Made From Hemp?! What? Did you know that hemp is pound for pound stronger than steel? Hemp can hold almost twice the weight as steel before it cracks and breaks and can bend almost six times as much. Perfect for airplanes. According to Hempearth , “…traditional aerospace materials are heavier than hemp and toxic and not sustainable. Most manufacturers use aluminum and fiberglass to built planes. Hemp is significantly lighter and therefore requires a lot less fuel to get up in the sky.” And as we all know, hemp is […]


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