Foodscaping: some of you may have heard about it, but if you’re like most, you probably have not, so we’re here to enlighten you. Foodscaping is landscaping to grow food, and to some, it’s just a fancy way of saying a garden of food crops in your backyard. That’s if you’re talking to a skeptic, though, because foodscaping for many is an all-encompassing way of growing a garden, feeding yourself, and making it look pretty, too. Foodscaping is not just planting a raised bed of crops like herbs, tomato plants, or citrus plants in your backyard — it’s a way of creating an integrative landscape, one that is not only resourceful because it produces foods that you can eat but that also is self-sufficient and low-maintenance. Foodscaping began as a result to an economic downturn in 2008 , a solution to rising food costs and the high prices of landscaping and maintaining a nice looking backyard. Since then, though, it’s become a comprehensive way of growing your own food and controlling what you eat. That’s how Jeremy Lekich of Nashville Foodscapes describes it. His company, started in 2010, offers "creative food solutions through landscaping" by helping plan and execute […]


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