Eight more companies agreed this week not to ship goods through the Arctic Ocean and signed the Arctic Corporate Shipping Pledge launched by Ocean Conservancy and Nike in October 2019. We’re pleased to announce that the new signatories include Ralph Lauren Corporation, Kuehne + Nagel, PUMA, International Direct Packaging, Allbirds, Aritzia, Hudson Shipping Lines and Bureo. Study after study reveals the accelerating impact of climate change on the Arctic marine environment. In 2019, Arctic sea ice declined to its second-lowest summer extent on record, covering just 4.15 million square kilometers. Image Credits: oceanconservancy.org Last month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s annual Arctic report card also found that the remaining sea ice is, on average, less than half the thickness of sea ice forty years ago. This thinner, younger sea ice is even more susceptible to melting in the future. This same decline in sea ice has made the polar routes more appealing to shipping companies. But while these routes can shorten the times between major commercial markets, increasing vessel traffic is a risky prospect for the Arctic. Long periods of darkness, the remoteness of the routes and distance from infrastructure, as well as unpredictable and extreme weather conditions […]


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