Aa Aa It’s January and that can only mean one thing, the glitz and glamour of award season will be dominating our timelines for the foreseeable future. Amidst the endless analysis of who wore what and unexpected plus ones, recent years have seen more pressing global issues take centre stage. It has become the prime time for household names to make bold statements about important global issues; from “#MeToo” to the fight for greater inclusivity in the film industry, award season has become an unavoidably political affair. Phoebe Waller-Bridge arrives at the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel The first of this year’s events, the Golden Globes , was no exception as celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Pierce Brosnan, and Cate Blanchett spent their time on stage asking those watching for donations to help battle the effects of the fires currently raging across Australia. Beyond immediate climate news, other attendees used the event to bring up more lasting concerns about these traditionally wasteful ceremonies. After a year filled with widespread environmentalism that saw activists like Greta Thunberg rubbing shoulders with celebrity superstars, it’s unsurprising that this season’s cause is saving planet earth. The Golden Globes go […]


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