There’s no question that 2019 was a wakeup call on the climate crisis . Everything from devastating extreme weather events and seeing the planet’s hottest month in recorded history to increasingly dire scientific reports coming out seemingly each week removed any doubt that this global emergency is rapidly escalating. We could hardly blame someone for feeling discouraged. Here’s what we must remember, though. For all of the unfortunate events that happened this year, we also saw an equal (and growing) opposite reaction. People all around the world stepped up for the climate like never before. What’s more, technological advancements and plain economics are making the solutions to the crisis more feasible than ever. So, here’s the top reasons why 2019 left us with real climate hope! Unprecedented Public Awareness and Action Our biggest source of optimism this year? The incredible number of people around the world that stepped up for our climate. These highlights make us believe that one day we’ll look back at 2019 as a historic turning point for the movement. 1. With an estimated 4 million attendees in over 163 countries, the Sept. 20 climate strike — the biggest climate demonstration in history — saw more […]


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