With Greta Thunberg named Time’s person of the year, the latest societal pressure wave may be peaking. Now the going for sustainable business gets really interesting, says John Elkington I will remember 2019 for many things, including the fact that both my parents died during the year; he aged 98, she 97. They saw vast changes during their unusually long lives. He learned to fly on rickety biplanes, then, little more than a decade after fighting in the Battle of Britain, was monitoring the fallout from nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific and later flying jets that would once have been inconceivable. Born into a radio world, they died enmeshed in the internet. Even so, I believe the next couple of decades will see more change than they saw in nine. Let me explain. My forecast for the 2020s, which I have come to call “the exponential decade”, is that this will be a period where things move at a blistering pace and in directions that take many – perhaps most – of us by surprise. This is a theme that Volans will explore at our Tomorrow’s Capitalism Forum on 10 January, co-hosted with Aviva Investors. The provocative sub-title […]


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