The Port of Rotterdam aims to host the first under-sea CO2 storage infrastructure by the end of 2023 Synthetic fuels are likely to become the gold standard in shipping as soon as sufficient volumes come onstream The curse of carbon emissions may become the friend of future fuels under a fast-developing science that bears the mysterious name ‘power-to-X’. Still very much an emerging technology, power-to-X is the dream of visionaries who see the possibility of a 100% carbon-neutral era for energy. “Power-to-X is going to play a key part in the future of energy generation,” said Wärtsilä’s senior manager for power-to-X, Tommi Rintamäki, in an early 2019 report entitled: Synthetic fuels: supporting Wärtsilä’s vision of a 100% renewable future. MAN Energy Solutions is equally bullish: “By coupling the major energy sectors, power-to-X will play a major role in creating a truly carbon-neutral energy system,” the company enthuses. Power-to-X is all about synthetic fuel being extracted from unwanted CO 2 emissions or other waste forms of energy. As Wärtsilä explains, an extra benefit is that “new fossil resources are prevented from being exploited for fuel.” Most of the oil and gas giants are working on power-to-X, some of them in […]


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