© Capsula Mundi The Capsula Mundi burial urn is finally available for purchase. When it comes to stories about green burial options, the piece I wrote on the Capsula Mundi concept last year seemed to strike a chord with readers (other than the typical comments about how useless and ridiculous some people thought it was), but even so, the crowdfunding campaign for the project didn’t really catch on. However, regardless of the failure of the Kickstarter campaign , it hasn’t stopped the creators from following their mission of helping people plant trees, not tombstones. Although a body-sized Capsula Mundi pod isn’t yet ready for burying your loved ones in, designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel have brought a decidedly smaller version of the concept to life, which is now available for purchase. The product is the Capsula Mundi Urn, which is designed to accept the cremation ashes from the deceased, and to then be buried next to an existing tree, or in a hole over which a tree will be planted. The Urn is made from a biodegradable polymer (bioplastic) that will essentially be turned into soil and nutrients for the tree in "a few months to few years" […]



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