Shoes made from wood pulp that are actually comfortable? Count us in! Allbirds took the internet by storm after its Wool Runners, made using New Zealand merino wool and tested by numerous consumers, were deemed “the world’s most comfortable shoes” by almost everyone. After selling 1 million pairs of shoes just two years after officially launching in March 2016, the brand developed a cult following pursued by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and former President Barack Obama. At $95 a pair (the company has yet to have a sale, citing the fact that it is already charging the lowest amount possible for its shoes), Allbirds can be enjoyed even by those without celebrity-level wealth. Allbirds was founded in New Zealand, a place where sheep outnumber humans six to one. According to the company, its process uses 60 percent less energy than typical synthetic shoe manufacturing, and companies such as ZQ Merino make sure the wool used in these shoes is held to the highest standards of farming, land management and animal welfare. The newer Tree Runners line takes sustainability a step further — these shoes combine the time-tested merino wool with light tree fibers . Inhabitat tried out the Tree […]


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