t remains to be seen whether Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo will achieve all 870 miles of bike lanes by next year promised in her Plan Velo, but Parisians are already pedaling in droves on those that have opened.

“In one year, bike use in the French capital is up 54 percent,” said François Picard, the host of “The Debate” on France 24, citing a road survey conducted by the mayor’s office.

“It’s the culmination of years of growing restrictions on cars, the introduction of bike-sharing services, and most recently the construction of bike lanes across the French capital.”

In Ile-de-France—Paris and its suburbs—bicyclists now take 840,000 trips per day, according to a recent study, surpassing motorcycles and scooters. Car trips remain much higher at 14.8 million but have dropped 5 percent since 2010.


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