By Ajit Niranjan It’s a question that preys on our readers’ minds: Can we invent our way out of climate breakdown? For many, dismayed by the pace of political progress but loathe to give up carbon-heavy lifestyles , solving climate change through technology alone is a tantalizing idea. But experts say there is no silver bullet to protect the climate — and that keeping fossil fuels in the ground is the surest known way to prevent further warming. Average temperatures have risen by 1 degree Celsius since countries first industrialized and are projected to rise about 3 degrees Celsius above that baseline by the end of the century without sharp, severe cuts to CO2 emissions. A report from the Global Carbon Project found in December that while coal-burning has largely plateaued, the rise of oil and natural gas is pushing the planet further away from its climate goals. How can technology help governments get there? Here are four innovations that energy experts told us hold promise for slowing the march of climate change . Solar Panels and Wind Turbines What may be the biggest innovation to combat climate change has been around for decades. Solar panels and wind turbines […]


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