Park Avenue Green by @BrightPowerInc is the largest certified #PassiveHouse in North America, and received honorable mention in the Multifamily category at the @PHUIS1 #NAPHC2019 Passive Projects Awards Ceremony. — PassiveHouseAccelerator (@PHAccelerator) December 18, 2019 This is such a nice story to ring in 2020 with. A thank you to Park Avenue Green . Passivhaus , or passive house, is: “A standard utilizing various principles of insulation, passive solar climate control, and low-energy construction methods to create buildings which require very little in the way of fuel or electricity inputs to meet heating and cooling needs.” The largest residential building built to the Passive House US (PHIUS) standard in the USA and the largest passive house building in North America came about at the end of 2019 for low-income tenants as well as others. Park Avenue Green worked with Bright Power on several existing buildings. The two pushed the passive envelope further with good housing for all. Take note, all who say don’t bother to attempt passive house standards for lower income developments. This one combines social ethics as well as the passive house higher standard of sustainability. Park Avenue Green in this development has 154 units of […]


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