With no exaggeration, it’s safe to say that without the work of Indigenous Peoples who have defended forests, rivers, lands and seas for centuries, all the planet’s inhabitants would be living in a more chaotic, overheated, polluted, and unfair world. Indigenous People act not only as active guardians of natural territories, preventing other groups from engaging in environmentally destructive activities, but are also very effective at applying their traditional knowledge in the management and restoration of territories. We at 350.org support and are following the participation of Latin American Indigenous leaders at the COP25 in Madrid. We want to share with you who some of these representatives are and how they’re leading the world’s most important climate summit, by sharing the strength and beauty of their traditional communities. Check it out below! Andreia Takua, from the Mbya Guarani People of the state of Paraná, Brazil Andreia is the President of South Coast Indigenous District Health Council (CONDISI South Coast) and Coordinator of the National Condisi Presidents Forum (FPCONDISI). She also works as the Coordinator for the Indigenous Programme at 350.org. Her message at COP25 "We, the Indigenous People, want to be heard and consulted at COP25. There is much […]


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